LabVIEW picoscope output different from Picoscope 6

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LabVIEW picoscope output different from Picoscope 6

Post by Govind »

I have a task where I am supposed to read the RS 485 signal in picoscope and visualise it in LabVIEW. So first I do it in Picoscope 6 and it works and I have attached the Picoscope 6 output here as a screenshot. Now I try to do it in LabVIEW, so I adjust timebase and number of samples so that it is exactly like Picoscope 6. But in LabVIEW all I am getting is a white screen in the waveform graph with ocassionally u can see some lines popping up and going. I have attached the screenshot of output of labview and also the screenshot of the program of picoscope that reads the rs485, which is what i took exactly from the example program for block reading of picoscope. Kindly go through it and let me kno what is the error. Thank you.
Pico LabVIEW program Pico Part.jpg
Pico LabVIEW program Output.jpg
Pico 6 Output.jpg

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Re: LabVIEW picoscope output different from Picoscope 6

Post by AndrewA »

First I find out the sample rate and number of samples the scope is capturing in PicoScope 6.
Open the properties panel- 'View' Menu - 'view properties'.

Next Adjust the LabVIEW control for-
PreTriggerSamples and postTriggerSamples to equal that of PicoScope 6.
Find the timebase value that returns the "Sample Internal" in Properties Panel in LabVIEW to match PS6.
You can lookup the equation in the programmers guide if you wish find value without guessing.
Regards Andrew
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