SDK C software examples modification for ps4424a

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SDK C software examples modification for ps4424a

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The examples C/C++ SDK I got off github for ps4000a only supports the 4224 , 4425, 4444 and 4824 models.

We want to write our own logging software to support signal frequencies in the 10khz-150khz range.
The Picolog software has a maximum sample interval of 1ms (i.e. sample rate of 1khz).

After debugging the project using Visual studio community

I added the following to the C files and it appears to work now.

typedef enum
MODEL_PS4824 = 0x12d8,
MODEL_PS4225 = 0x1081,
MODEL_PS4425 = 0x1149,
MODEL_PS4444 = 0x115C,
MODEL_PS4424A = 0x1148 // Added entry

case MODEL_PS4424A:
unit->model = MODEL_PS4424A;
unit->sigGen = SIGGEN_AWG;
unit->firstRange = PS4000A_10MV;
unit->lastRange = PS4000A_50V;
unit->channelCount = QUAD_SCOPE;
unit->hasETS = FALSE;
unit->AWGFileSize = maxArbitraryWaveformBufferSize;
unit->hasFlexibleResolution = FALSE;
unit->hasIntelligentProbes = FALSE;

I would like to confirm if all entries in the "case MODEL_PS4424A:" are correct for the 4424A.


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