PicoScope 4262 - any replacement coming?

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PicoScope 4262 - any replacement coming?

Post by anwar »

Hi, my first post here.

Based on the posts in this forum and the published specs, the 4262 seems to be the lowest-noise scope available under Pico brand, but a bit slow at 5MHz. The 4262 was launched 10 years ago. The 4262 is still using USB 2.0 if purchased new today. I am not sure if any revisions were made to 4262 over the 10-year period.

Is there any plan to have the 4262 replaced by a better, newer model? Same 16-bit and low noise, but higher speed and with USB 3.0.

I am considering to buy the 4262 but worried
- if a replacement model is coming out soon
- it's a 10-year old product


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Re: PicoScope 4262 - any replacement coming?

Post by Gerry »

Hi anwarc,

The intention is to replace it eventually, just not in the immediate future.

So my advice would be, if you want a Scope, with a large dynamic range, for up and coming measurement applications, then go ahead and get a PS4262 (you should get plenty of use out of it, and then when a replacement is finally released, you may be able to use it to discount the purchase price of the replacement).


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