trouble creating device object after OS/Matlab upgrades

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trouble creating device object after OS/Matlab upgrades

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I have a picoscope 5244B running under Windows 10, Matlab 2018b. I have code that has been running fine for years. Recently, I went through both a Windows 10 upgrade and a Matlab license upgrade at my institution. Now, I run into problems near the top of my code.

When I try to create a device object using

ps5000aDeviceObj = icdevice('picotech_ps5000a_generic');

I get the error statement

Error using instrument/delete (line 82)
Operation failed: An error occurred while executing the driver disconnect code.
Library was not found
If this error is not an instrument error, use MIDEDIT to inspect the driver.

Error in icdevice (line 311)

Error in pico_AFM_rapid_beta (line 141)
ps5000aDeviceObj = icdevice('picotech_ps5000a_generic');

I've checked my dll's and have

in C:\PicoSDK\MATLAB\ps5000a\win64 ps5000a_thunk_pcwin64.dll

Those thunk dll's are also copied into

and in C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\SDK\lib I have

My code begins with the path modification statements
path(path, 'C:\PicoSDK\MATLAB')
path(path, 'C:\PicoSDK\MATLAB\ps5000a')
path(path, 'C:\PicoSDK\MATLAB\Functions')
path(path, 'C:\PicoSDK\MATLAB\ps5000a\win64')
path(path, 'C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\SDK\inc')
path(path, 'C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\SDK\lib')
path(path, 'C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\SDK\system\x64')

Any help you could offer would be most welcome!


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