Getting the SDK up and running

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Getting the SDK up and running

Post by rjm003 »

I have Labview NXG 5.1 and 2020 SP1 installed. Both 64bit.
I've installed the 64 bit SDK, and, just in case, the 32 bit SDK also.
I would like to use Labview to record and average scan data from the 5243D.

I've had limited success importing the dll into NXG, so I'm going to start with 2020 using the shared library importer tool.

I'd really appreciate some pointers for what I'm supposed to do next.

The shared library contains 51 function(s). But no function is found and recognized in the header file. The following function(s) cannot be wrapped. If you want to import these functions, please review the warning messages next to the functions below. You will need to fix the problems before you can continue with the wizard.

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Re: Getting the SDK up and running

Post by AndrewA »

I have tried to use the shared library importer tool, in the past but had no success.
I know some customers have managed to get the tool to work but don't know what they change to do this.

We already have examples for our scopes on our GitHub page-

The 5243D use the 5000a API examples here- ... er/ps5000a

Please follow the instructions here- ... /
Regards Andrew
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