Python wrappers & windows recommendations?

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Python wrappers & windows recommendations?

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I recently purchased a batch of 5242D picoscopes and am evaluating whether they can replace an alternate PCI digitizer we have been using. Initial testing with the picoscope 6 software was very positive. Now we are integrating the scope into a python based application in the next round of testing. It's early days, so some of my questions may be basic, but hopefully they are helpful for others.

We found control and execution of the python examples very smooth using 2 separate W10-64bit laptops. We are using 64 bit Canopy running Python 2.7. When we run the same examples on some W7-64bit desktops, the performance is a little less robust. Some of the differences include: 1) After running the 5000a signal generator example, in W10 a small splash screen for the picoscope pops up, but in W7 it doesn't, 2) The scope opens and closes very cleanly in the example on W10, but in W7 we find it sometimes closes but the signal is still there (we are using an external scope to probe the signal output). In those situations we have to close and re-start canopy to correct the problem otherwise the example will no longer execute. 3) On some machines we can't run the examples and have failures in some of the sub-libraries.

In short the device works seamlessly with python on our W10 machines, and not so on our W7 machines. Because we've observed this on more than 1 of each machine, I wanted to post this in case this is a known issue.

Should we use W10 with the picoscopes and python wrappers? Have they been tested on W7-64bit? Any guidance would be appreciated. We're early enough that OS changes can be made and I want to avoid investing too much time down a dead end.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Python wrappers & windows recommendations?

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Are you using the same version of the SDK on both set ups?
Is there any difference in the distribution of python between the two different windows versions?

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