Feedback wanted from our Linux users!

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Re: Feedback wanted from our Linux users!

Post by andrejpodzimek »

The application is utterly unusable on high-DPI screens and the problem (topic39951.html?&p=142246) hasn’t been addressed for nearly two years.

To emphasize this once more: One cannot use Picoscope at all on Linux with contemporary display hardware (such as 4k on 13" or 5k on 27" in my case).

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Re: Feedback wanted from our Linux users!

Post by IanL »

ARM64, in short.

Various ARM64 SBCs more than capable of running apps like Picoscope now available and easily cheap enough to use as dedicated machines. Combined with a small LCD (I'm using a Lilliput TK-700 just now - ... pen-Frame/) you can build yourself a really nice little self-contained bench-top scope.

Or you could if there were ARM64 drivers and Picoscope build available. Just the drivers would be a nice start - might drive me to dust off my C/C++.

Otherwise thanks for a great product and hope it all continues to go well.

Best, Ian.

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