Audio and analog only, mostly simple circuits

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Audio and analog only, mostly simple circuits

Post by mockingbirdaudio » Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:17 am


I buy/sell/repair/collet audio equipment. My main use of the scope is more for setting up tape decks and turntables. The electronics, if the DMM is reading correctly, and it sounds good, doesn't need a scope. Most of those circuits are ham-fisted, with enough feedback to tame bad designs and even worse parts selection.

So, how do I configure the software where it "looks like" a vectorscope? Is this unsupported? If not, does anyone here know of any software that is compatible with the Picoscope hardware, that is designed for use as an old fashioned vectorscope?

I like the hardware, BTW. Astonishing what you can put in a little gray box these days. It didn't take much effort to have it running on Windows and Ubuntu. You guys are "boffins" in lab coats, right?


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Re: Audio and analog only, mostly simple circuits

Post by Gerry » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:40 pm

Hi mockingbirdaudio,

If you want to look at vectors, then you can use the X-Y mode of display within our PicoScope software (with channel B enabled, go to the 'Views' menu and under 'X-axis' select 'B' instead of 'Time'). Also, if you want to use the scope just as a DMM, add a measurement of your choice (e.g. peak to peak, AC RMS, True RMS , etc) and then under the 'Measurements' menu increase the font size to, say 72 points to get a large display, that you can read from DMM distances.

And, thanks for the complement, but our boffins don't really like lab coats :-)


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