Picoscope 5444D MSO Ethernet 100BASE-TX Decoding

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Picoscope 5444D MSO Ethernet 100BASE-TX Decoding

Post by LukasKremsmayr » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:37 pm


we want to decode a Ethernet 100BASE-TX signal with the Picoscope 544D.

I connected Tx+ and Tx- against ground on two Channels. In order to Decode I build the Mathematical Channel A-B and attach Serial Decoding to it.

I tried different sampling rates and different voltage Levels, but I can't get the decoder working. Sometimes the sample rate switches automatically back to 10MS.

Screenshot in the attachment.

What am I doing wrong, what else can I try?

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Re: Picoscope 5444D MSO Ethernet 100BASE-TX Decoding

Post by Martyn » Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:23 am

Use the Views->ViewProperties to open a panel on the right hand side that shows exactly how the scope has been setup.

If you turn off the decoding and the math channel, collect a single buffer of data at the best resolution possible, and with the scope stopped enable the math channel and the decoder do you get data ?

If this doesn't work then email support@picotech.com to discuss this in more detail.
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