Getting started with building DrDAQ sensors

Post any suggestions about sensors to be used with the DrDAQ here
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Getting started with building DrDAQ sensors

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The first place for reference to how DrDAQ sensors work is in the Users manual (Pg28 onwards), DrDAQ Datasheets.

What's the point in DrDAQ sensors then? DrDAQ sensors let the user have complete control, whatever you can think of measuring, as long as it can be read as a resistance or a voltage from 0-2.5V then you can make the DrDAQ automatically recognise the sensor that is plugged in and show scalings/units that are completely customised. We have several preconfigured sensors and there's unlimited possibilities of sensors you can make too.
  • Key things about DrDAQ sensors
  • 0-2.5V input with reference to ground
  • 100mA availible at 5V (this should be respected by user, not limited)
  • 100K pull up to 2V5 on signal and Auto Detect
  • FCC68 4/4 connectors
  • Upto 1KSample/S
So then....get making those sensors
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