PT-104 data fluctuates

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PT-104 data fluctuates

Post by Jesper@VA »

I have a problem with data collected with the PT-104 from 4 PT100 probes.
The data I am getting out fluctuates widely, going from around 50 degrees Celcius (Average) to 70-80 and down to zero.

I am measuring on a closed circuit consisting of a heat source that heats up oil, the oil is then passed through a heat exchanger, cooled by water passing through th other side of the system.

The 4 PT-100's are placed so that they measure the temperature of the oil and water as i goes in, and comes out of the heat exchanger.
I am using the picolog recorder v. 5.21.1

The setup has previously worked quite fine, with no problems, and only a small variation from one measurement to the next, not the giant steps that i see now.
Since it was last used, nothing has changed in the setup, all that has been done is to power down the system, and let it sit.

Pico Stuart
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Re: PT-104 data fluctuates

Post by Pico Stuart »

Dear Jesper@VA,

Thankyou for your inquiry with regard to your PT-104. Sorry you have encountered some difficulties.

Please proceed to the following link and download the latest version of PicoLog 5.21..2

If you encounter any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact me via

Kindest regards,

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