ADC 100 serial not working with Excel drivers

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ADC 100 serial not working with Excel drivers

Post by Heath »

I cannot get my serial ADC100 to run using the macro in the ADC10032.xls file.
I have changed the macro 'getdata' to look at LPT1 and when running the macro for the first time it returns the following...
ADC opened
ADC100/101 Drvier V3.1
LPT1, No adapter
pico.sys V2.1
100300 samples/sec
The 100 data samples for both channels are read into excel.

Then when I try to run the getdata macro a second time it returns the following....
ADC not opened
ADC 100/101 Driver V3.1
pico.sys not found
pico.sys V2.1

No data is returned.

If I close the ADC10032.xls file and re-open and run the getdata macro again the ADC is opened for the first attempt but then will not open for further data collection.

In order to get the macro 'getdata' to run I had to remove the Call adc100_run (100,0) line and the adc100_stop line as both of thes returned a 'Bad dll call syntax' error

I have tried R5.21.1 5.20.9 and the SDK but all come back with the same problem
Any advice would be most welcome, thank you.

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Re: ADC 100 serial not working with Excel drivers

Post by Robin »


The unit must be closed before it can be re-opened. For some reason, this is missing from the example.

Just add

Call adc100_close_unit(port)

after the call to adc100_stop


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