ADC 16 USB to serial problems

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ADC 16 USB to serial problems

Post by Salmarshep »

We have recently had our computers replaced without serial ports. We have bought the USB converters from yourselves and successfully installed them in most of our machines. On two machines the software is unable to connect to the ADC16. All the com port data in correct. We have uninstalled the old pico drivers and installed the new ones, checked and rechecked the com ports, reinstalled the usb drivers and read the 'post board'! help!!!
Sally :cry:

Pico Stuart
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Re: ADC 16 USB to serial problems

Post by Pico Stuart »

Hi Sally,

To ensure correct functionality please connect the converter only to the PC first ensuring driver is installed. Look in device manager under Ports (Comm & LPT) windows should recognise this as a 'serial on USB port' . Windows will then assign this a comm port number. If you connect the converter and the logger to the PC simultaneously windows will not recognise the converter or the ADC 16. In essence it is a two step process.

Once the converter is present in device manager connect the ADC 16 to the converter. You can now use PicoLog ensuring you select the appropriate comm port number.

In summary connect the converter to the PC first and then connect the ADC 16 to the converter.

If you still encounter any difficulties after using this process then please do not hesitate to contact me at:-

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Re: ADC 16 USB to serial problems

Post by pedro_friend »

Well, It works fine to open Pico Software,
but when i tried use Windows HiperTerminal,
configure COM1,9600 baud rate,1 bit stop,no parity,
and when appers connected press "1" key and I assumed to receive
"16-ADC Version", after I try send a file "test.txt" that contains "00000001" but it doesn´t response.

I need to use my own driver, I try use visual C#,visual C++,
to send for serial port: "00000001" or other control word like :"000 1000 1" to receive channel 1 to 8bit with 1 single end, but only can send but don´t receive response.

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