Anyway to send commands over USB to Scope via MATLAB?

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Anyway to send commands over USB to Scope via MATLAB?

Post by kschutz » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:56 am

Dear PicoScope,

Do you have any sort of driver where one can manually send commands over to your scope to configure it? At the Mathworks we have a T&M Tool that let's us configure instruments over Serial, TCP/IP, UDP, GPIB, VXI, etc. You can essentially type in a raw GPIB command like: *IDN? and then you can read back the response. Or if there is an IVI driver available, we can call it using higher-level commands. We can also create a MATLAB instrument driver out of your IVI driver so that it's easy to use in MATLAB. For example:
makemid('driver') searches through known driver types for driver and creates a MATLAB instrument driver representation of the driver. Known driver types include VXIplug&play, IVI-C, and IVI-COM. For driver you can use a Module (for IVI-C), a ProgramID (for IVI-COM), a LogicalName (for either IVI-C or IVI-COM), or the original VXIplug&play instrument driver name. The MATLAB instrument driver will be saved in the current working directory as driver.mdd

The MATLAB instrument driver can then be modified using midedit to customize the driver behavior, and may be used to instantiate a device object using icdevice.

Please let me know what you have in this way. I did see your C interface to the instrument to create custom C programs but I would like to do this from MATLAB since there is a lot of built-in visualization and number-crunching capability.

You can also find out more here. ... tion1.html

Thank you.

Kerry Schutz
Mathworks Application Engineer

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Re: Anyway to send commands over USB to Scope via MATLAB?

Post by Robin » Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:32 am

Hi Kerry

The only way to control our 'scopes is to use the API functions exposed by the DLL. To use them with Matlab, you would need to call these functions (I believe it's possible to do this in Matlab).


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