Fast streaming Picoscope 3224 help code VB6

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Fast streaming Picoscope 3224 help code VB6

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I must acquire a great quantity of samples (millions) and at high frequency 500kHz - 1 MHz

in VB6 which library instructions must be use for retrieve the data in memory after invoke the run fast streaming?

to be more clear :

page 31
of 3000 Series PC Oscilloscopes
User's Guide PS3000044-2

after following software library command for fast streaming :

call ps3000_run_streaming_ns(handle, sample_interval, time_units,max_samples, auto_stop, noOfSamplesPerAggregate, overview_buffer_size)

how retrieve the data from picoscope ?

in other words, I need only some rows of VB6 code commented for retrieve data in fast streaming�mode

Thank in advance

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