Pico 2208B MSO Logic Analyser resolution

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Pico 2208B MSO Logic Analyser resolution

Post by heaton56 »

I may be misunderstanding home to zoom into a waveform and preserve the sample resolution.

See attached png.

If I trigger with 100uS/div time base I see from the properties that the sample interval is 4nS and number of samples is 250K.

However, when I zoom in to about 1uS/div I see that the logic transitions are smeared together, appearing to have a sample interval more like 1uS!

What is going on? Is there a reason why I can't zoom down to the sample interval without loosing resolution.

The logic analyzers simple trigger modes mean that it is almost unusable with even moderate length waveforms. Sure I have a setup problem?

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Re: Pico 2208B MSO Logic Analyser resolution

Post by bennog »

that is because the capture is still running
if you stop the capture then you can zoom in.


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