strange behavior of PicoVNA 106 software

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strange behavior of PicoVNA 106 software

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our University has received a PicoVNA from a partner company for student work.
We have started to get acquainted with the instrument and we see strange software behavior with respect to locale settings.
For our German system, the PicoVNA2 Control software outputs numbers with comma (",") as decimal separator, but appears to require a decimal point "." as decimal separator on input. Thus, the software mis-interprets its outputs into its own input fields.
Moreover, when reading data via the Pico API GetData function, the numbers are separated by comma "," which for us is also used as decimal separator. This is a big mess as numbers cannot be read reliably this way.
Finally, Touchstone files are also written with comma decimal separators, where our simulators want decimal point numbers on input.

Is it possible to switch the Pico-Software to the US locale without having to change the language settings of the whole PC? We particularly need this setting for the API!

We would wish (and recommend) that the PicoVNA software ignore language settings altogether and work with US settings permanently.
This would avoid the current mess and yield predictable results.

Thank you and best regards,

Tom Baier
University of Applied Sciences, Ulm

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