Block mode not working properly in ps3000a?

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Block mode not working properly in ps3000a?

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I've put together an example program that is failing on my setup. I'm using a 3406D over USB3, connected to my x86 system running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The driver version shown by apt is:

libps3000a/now 2.1.54-6r2438 amd64

The goal of the code is to acquire data from all four channels at 4 nanosecond sample interval into the full scope memory of 512 MS, transfer the data to the PC, and then repeat in a loop. I do not require any triggering, I simply want to gather data from the scope in big chunks.

What I'm seeing is that this works for anywhere between a few seconds up to a few minutes, but then the program hangs on ps3000aGetValues. On at least one occasion, there was a hang on ps3000aIsReady.

I'm closely following the instructions for block mode in the ps3000a programming manual, so I'm really not sure why this is happening.

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