2204A signal apparently not received

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2204A signal apparently not received

Post by PhilBostock »

.. I don't think you will get this screen shot.
I have a PicoScope 2104 - works fine.
Bought a PicoScope 2204A - have problems.
Example : Connect AWG giving 1kHz square wave 2v to channel A. Just a noise signal shows +/- 0.1v say.
Square wave there but obviously not a proper connection.
Connect to channel B. Better - an AC coupled waveform present of the right amplitude. DC or AC both give a strongly rising curve.
Updated the software - no change.
So I think the unit has a fault. Any further tests I can do? Regards, Phil

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Re: 2204A signal apparently not received

Post by Gerry »

Hi Phil,

Sorry for the long delay in answering. I have been off work for different reasons, and only just caught up with a heavy workload, and backlog of Helpdesk tickets.

If you haven't already done so, could you send your request in to our HelpDesk at support@picotech.com where we a ream of support specialists on hand to help you.


Technical Specialist

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