Cannot install libusbtc08-1 on Lubuntu 21.04

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Cannot install libusbtc08-1 on Lubuntu 21.04

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Hey everyone,

I'm using a USB TC-08 Thermocouple Logger on Linux machines.

a few weeks ago, I installed the usb driver on my ubuntu 20.04 machine and it worked fine. I followed the instructions on: Somewhere I found the hint that the package is called "libusbtc08-1" opposed to "libusbtc08":

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sudo apt-get install libusbtc08-1
It is contained in

Code: Select all focal/universe amd64 Packages
On my Lubuntu 21.04 machine however, the package cannot be found. I also added the picoscope repository from, but it's still not findable.

Can you tell me howto get this library on Lubuntu 21.04?

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