2406B output data

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2406B output data

Post by Lefeather »

I am using the streamingmode in the Gibhub download example. In subVI "adc_to_Volts" there are 4 parameters. Why should the data be divided by Maxadc? Is the output Data (Volts) in V or mV when Range is 5V and the sensor is 200KN-2mV/V?

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Re: 2406B output data

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Returned ADC values converted by the sub vi ADCtoVolts.vi in
https://github.com/picotech/picosdk-ni- ... oScope.llb
by used equation-
Volts = (ADC count / Max ADC count) * Channel Range

This is not related to your sensor which are often quoted in xmV/V
mV/V – Millivolts per Volt Output Signal
Which means for every volt of its supply rail it will output x mV at the sensor full scale.
e.g. If a transducer has a 10 volt supply which generates a 100 milli-volt signal at full range it will have an output sensitivity of 10 mV / V.
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