Adjusting sampling rate separate for each channel

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Adjusting sampling rate separate for each channel

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I'm new on this forum however I hope that somebody could help me. Equipment: Picoscope 5444D MSO, software: Picoscope 6.

I'm trying to gather data from two analog chaneel, where first is: device using infineon TLE4998C8 with SENT protocol, second device is an voltage signal from gaussometer (+/-3V).

The main goal is to collect data simiunanesly from both chaneels however here I have a problem. Chanel where gaussometer is connected would require smapling rate decress - currently can't do this as I don't whant to change sampling rate for first chanel (50MS) and it looks like adjsutment can be done for all availble chaneel without option to do this individualy for each. Preferable: Chanel A = 50MS, Chanel B = 100S.

Why I need to do this ? Because data from chanel 2 after first few seconds of measurment already reach max value of 1mln samples.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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