Picoscope 2024A channel distorted

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Picoscope 2024A channel distorted

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Hi there,

I have recently dug out the Picoscope 2024A that I purchased several years ago (2017). I have unfortunately found however that the channel 2 waveform is distorted at higher frequencies.

Attached is an imagine of the waveforms I am observing. I am generating a 50kHz PWM signal from an STM32F0 discovery board, with the same signal on two different pins. After observing the distorted signal, I have tried swapping pins, measuring on the same pin, and swapping the probes etc, however the issue definitely still resides on channel 2. Whether its the connector, the electronics inside the scope, or the settings (although they are set to default and I have literally just enabled channel 2 for a 5V division), I'm not sure. Has anyone had similar issues before? It seems to be a high input capacitance issue.

Many thanks,

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