Spectrum analyser: samples the y-channel DSP?

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Spectrum analyser: samples the y-channel DSP?

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This is a follow-on to viewtopic.php?t=41417&view=unread#unread">How the spectrum analyser works. Gerry very kindly gave a substantial answer there so I'm breaking the thread into smaller bits to keep the size manageable.

I asked earlier whether the spectrum analyser input sampled the Y-channel DSP output. It seems that the answer is "yes", by default, if I turn on the DSP low pass filter on the Y scope channel, the effects of that are visible in the spectrum analyser channel.

The attached screenshot (I hope I have that right) shows A (orange) and B (blue) spectrum analyser channels. The inputs to both A and B scope channels are identical: they are connected to the AWG, which is set to generate white noise. The spectrum is set to "Average" Y axis display mode. The only difference between the channels is that B has its low-pass DSP function turned on, to filter above 1 kHz.

Do I understand that correctly, please?
spectrum samples DSP output.png

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