"Missing Source" meassage blocks formulae in math channels

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"Missing Source" meassage blocks formulae in math channels

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Hi Pico Team,
Hi Forum Users,

while doing some tests in April with a 3403D MSO, where I was using math channels to calculate timing differencies between analog and digital channels, all worked well.

An example formula, that was working without any messages:
formula value="sign(#18+norm(sign(#0)))" (please note that trailing "<" and ending ">" have been removed as they seem to mix-up with HTML and block visibility in the browser)

With the final setup (not the same device but an actual 3403D MSO, too), and after optimizing some settings with respect to trigger type + source, ms/DIV and sample rate, I now get a permanent error "missing source" in some or all of the calculated channels (visible as yellow warning token in the scale/offset button).

The scope triggers, all analog and digital sampled data are looking good, so I cannot identify anthing "missing" here.

Settings during testing where similar to the following:
10ms/DIV; 1,004kS; 1of1; sample rate 10,03kS/s; all analog channels set to 8bit; trigger on channel A simple edge rising; all 16 digital channels are used and visible

For the final setup, I changed the settings to the following:
100ms/DIV; 10kS; 1of1; sample rate 10kS/s; all analog channels set to 10bit; trigger on digital D3 rising; only 12 digital channels are used and visible

Doing some trials to figure out where this behaviour might come from, I even see this "missing source" error when opening the previously stored psdata-file (from the April's test) in one analog channel, too! And it does not matter to use previously working formulae (unchanged!), or new ones, and / or remove all from math channels "library" or "loaded" or not.

No change after removal the content of the C:\Users\{YourLoginName}\AppData\Local\Pico Technology\

It does not matter whether to use user names for digital channels or not. When I add names, all channels can be selected in the math formula editor by its name. WIthout names, I get the underlying original name (D3 or D0 and so on). And for both I finally see the "missing source" error.

PicoScope 6 is

Are there any restrictions with respect to triggering, ms/DIV, sample rate, max number of channels, data type ... when using math channels?

If so, where to find details on this topic in the user manual / help, to clearly see what's possible and what not, before implementing math channels in a productive system?

Any help would be great!

Thanks in advance

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