Looking for the right model

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Looking for the right model

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nice forum with nice products.
I'm looking for replace my fluke scopemeter.....

So I'm not sure about the right model:
Sampleing speed is not a issue. 10-25Mhz is allway a lot.

I like to decode serial protocolls like Can and J1939 (-14) or special Nmea 2000

Is it posible to do so with a non-automotive Version ?
Is there a decoder avaialable ?

To create a protocoll-logging: which timeline is available?
Decode works only on strored data ? Not Online ? Can I use the stroage of my notebook for logging all can-bus frames for a while, maybe 30 minutes ?

And additional, I want to use the equipment for measuring and data logging.
So I'm not sure to use to use a MSO (2Ch+ digit) or a 4 channel.

4 Ch provides, for data logging, more opprotunities, but what a about the protocols ?

At least, I'm wondering about the usage of USB2 interfaces..... Are they fast enough, or when will the next version available. (I'm not in hurry)

On last: I need the a PC all the time, when I'm waitung for a trigger signal ? Or can I switch off the pc and check for triggers from time to time ?

One question additional: So check a 170Mhz Signals on 1 Chanel: which speed is nesessory?

A lot of questions......

Thanks for an answere



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