Automatisation of data extraction from Deep Measure

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Automatisation of data extraction from Deep Measure

Post by zlopko »

Hello community! I'm a new user of Picoscope 3203D and up to a very challenging project. Inspired by this article ... -said-what and more specifically the idea behind 'electrical signature' extraction. I want to automate exporting "Deep Measure" data out of specific part of a CAN-bus message.

I have set up "serial decoder" and "deep measure" for both CAN HI and CAN LO, so two questions appear in my mind.
1.How can I make Picoscope automatically place the "time rulers" at the start and the end of the data field(purple) of a specific CAN message?
2.After step one is completed, how to automate the data export out of both deep measure functions?
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Any ideas will be very, very welcome! Cheers!

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Re: Automatisation of data extraction from Deep Measure

Post by Gerry »

Hi zlopko,

It may have been better to ask this question on the PicoAuto forum, as that is the source of your information, and those guys are using serial decoding a lot more than we are, so they are likely to have information that we don't have.

As far as I'm aware, there is no way to automatically place the rulers around a region designated by the Serial Decoding function, as described below.

The region of the display with Analog data in it contains the plot of the captured data with the serial decoded interpretation of the packet overlaid, and is just a means of presenting the Analog data in a visual form, along with the relative position of the Decoded digital data. This output format is the only relationship between the Analog data and the Decoded data.

The Time Measurement Rulers can only be moved by using the mouse, or using a hot key, setup in the 'Preferences' menu option, to move them in small increments left or right. You can locate, a section of decoded data and it's non-decoded Analog data in the graph of the display, by making a selection in the Deep Measurement Window, However the Window only gives you this very limited means of controlling what can be displayed in the graph.

So, with this limited capability, the best you can do is automatically place the rulers at the same specific points in the display, using an automation tool to click on the hot key combination to move the rulers from a batch file, or using a mouse automation tool. But as there is no correlation with a point in the display and where the serial decoder zooms to a selected region, or where the field to make the decoder zoom to the region appears in the Deep Measurement window, there's no way to tie all of these functions together.


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