1-Wire Decode in Overdrive Mode

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1-Wire Decode in Overdrive Mode

Post by DoubleD »

I cannot get PicoScope to decode my 1-Wire signals when they go into Overdrive mode. Standard Speed mode decodes ok.

My settings for the Overdrive mode are: Threshold:1V, Hysteresis:100mV, Sample Time From Falling Edge:3uS.

When 1-Wire messaging begins, it starts in the Standard speed mode and negotiates moving up to the Overdrive mode. When I trigger then wait the appropriate time until the Overdrive communication starts there is no decoded signals shown. I have tried a variety of settings with no luck.

Has anyone seen this work??


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Re: 1-Wire Decode in Overdrive Mode

Post by bennog »

can you post a psdata file of this ?


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