Migrate to a modern forum platform

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Migrate to a modern forum platform

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I appreciate that this forum exists, but it's pretty painful to composes messages that include links, images, and other formatting. Has Pico considered migrating to another platform? I've had the best experience with Discourse, and it should be pretty straightforward to automatically migrate all the content you already have in this phpBB instance to a discourse instance.

Some examples of stuff that seems pretty broken right now:

- The the "Insert URL" button inserts an invalid url tag (at least according to the preview). The tooltip for that button shows the correct format. However, this gets clobbered back to the invalid format after the first preview. This is less of an issue if unchecking the default-enabled "convert urls" setting, but still a pretty bad user experience.

- Can't embed images. And even if that was working correctly, you need to jump through hoops to get them hosted elsewhere, rather than just dropping them directly into the post. Supposedly there's a way to attach images as files, but I'm not having any luck with that either. See topic41045.html

There are also lots of other minor annoyances that really increase friction when putting together posts. I'd like to become more involved in this forum and provide some more carefully-crafted bug reports and suggestions for your products, but it's pretty frustrating to do that on the current phpBB platform.

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