Zoom-snap to integers & synchronize view-zoom

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Zoom-snap to integers & synchronize view-zoom

Post by Filip »

I'm using a 4824 under the motto "capture more now and zoom later" utilizing the memory and resolution that is available.

But when making pedagogic prints from that is tricky as the timescale tents to mostly end up to a bunch of decimals, even if the division lines are spaced nice at a integer.
i.e. if I want to show 100 ms of a event to a customer, I want the zoom print to be -10 to 90msec, not -10,011 to 89,989 or whatever it now be.
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:?: Is it possible to add a "divisor integer snap" that, when possible, snap the divisions to integers? Of course it may only be used with a integer-zoom and preferably enable with a menu-selection or a button.

Secondly, I'm a fan of using multiple views when using a lot of signals where you want to show dependencies and delays between signals (I quite often use all 8 channels). Also here there is a bit of pain to make good prints as the views have their own lives. I have not found a "synchronize time" between views and the width of graphs varies with the number of signals due to the scales/labels.

:?: Here, is it possible to have a synchronization between the shown part of in the views? i.e. the left start of display is common?
:idea: Also a feature to equate the graph width could be handy (i.e. set to two views, 5 signals in top view and 3 in the bottom view. The width of displays graphs is different, even if same time span is displayed)

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Re: Zoom-snap to integers & synchronize view-zoom

Post by Gerry »

Hi Filip,

Thanks for the feedback.

I will submit enhancement requests on you behalf to our development team.


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