detecting corrupt psdata files

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Maxwell Gumley
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detecting corrupt psdata files

Post by Maxwell Gumley »

Sometimes there is a psdata file that can't be loaded. When opening the file in the main psdata GUI, I get a popup message with this text:
The file 'my_file.psdata' is damaged or corrupted.
If I'm converting a batch of psdata files and that file is one of them, the psdata command line interface just hangs forever. This is a big problem for my automation program. Is there a way to detect if the file is corrupt before I try to convert it?

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Re: detecting corrupt psdata files

Post by Gerry »

Hi Maxwell,

1/ What exactly do you mean by "psdata GUI"?
Is this an application developed using (a) the Pico Technology Software Development Kit, (b) The Pico Technology Command Line Interface, (c) both, or (d) your own software tools?

2/ What exactly do you mean by "converting a batch of psdata files"?
Do you mean converting the file names, or do you mean converting the file contents?

Just so that you're aware, the format of a psdata file is the Intellectual Property of PicoTechnology exclusively, and if you're attempting to reverse engineer the format then you're contravening the conditions under which we allow our tools to be used.


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