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Matlab Picoscope for Mac

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I am experiencing some difficulty integrating Picoscope and MATLAB 2020a on Catalina 10.15.5. Picoscope was recommended for my Picoscope 5443D MSO on the Picotech website.

1) I cloned the MATLAB Picoscope driver library and MATLAB PS5000a toolbox.
2) I copied over all the libps5000a.dylib, any other libps5000a library files, libpicoipp.dylib, any other libpicoipp library files and libiomp5.dylib into a maci64 directory within my MATLAB PS5000a directory.
3) I ran mex -setup in MATLAB and generated the appropriate thunk files with generatePS5000aPrototypes.m

I had to make some edits to the Matlab script to get all the files to run (My Picoscope 6 installs as Picoscope not One concern I have is the lap of a libps5000aWrap.dylib. Under /Applications/PicoScope, there is no libps5000aWrap.dylib or any libps5000aWrap files.

I am able to run the Picoscope 6 app and view a 1V square wave as you see below.

The Matlab script seems to be searching for ps5000aWrap.dylib. I understand it claims there is no device connected, but the instructions say to copy all libps5000aWrap files which do not exist. I receive the following error:

Warning: Disconnect: No devices found.
Error using icdevice (line 402)
An error occurred while executing the driver create code.
There was an error loading the library "libps5000aWrap.dylib"


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