Saving spectra by shortcut

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Saving spectra by shortcut

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Dear All,

I am going to troubleshoot a grating stepper motor in a monochromator.The motor is driven by three response signals coming from three optical encoder tracks on an optical disc as below:
CH0: HOME position signals: some lines (signals) on optical encoder track
CH1 and CH2: continuous and regular pattern of tiny lines on optical encoder disc in two rows (CH1 and CH2 tracks)
All of the three signals are square waves. The cycle time for CH1 and CH2 is about some milliseconds, the voltage is cca. 5V.
The operation is the following:
After switching on the instrument, it takes a time for the boot (about 25..30 sec) and thereafter starts the self test of the monochromator. This means that the stepper motor starts to rotate the optical disc and waits for the HOME signal (CH0). If it is OK, the stepper motor continues to rotate (swing) the optical disc due to the response signals (counts) from CH1 and CH2. I attached two photos on optical disc patterns and the signals (CH0: blue, CH1: red).
I would monitor the CH0 and one of the two counting channel (eg. CH1) by the two channels of my scope (Picoscope 2204).
I have a good (OK) and a bad (NOK) monochromators and would like to compare the CH0/CH1/CH2 signals to find out the problem. So I want to record CH0 and CH1/CH2 from the beginning (automatically) and thereafter to compare the two graphs. I think, it would be great if I could start the recording of signals by a shortcut and the length of recording would be about 1..2 minutes.
Thanks for your support in advance,

kind regards
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Re: Saving spectra by shortcut

Post by Martyn »

Sorry for the slow reply due to the current situation.
You can create keyboard shortcuts to perform many functions, these can be found under Tools->Preferences->Keyboard

Looking at the traces you could also use Triggers so that the recording starts automatically once you start to see data of interest on the channels.
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