CAN Serial Decoding - long time interval statistic

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CAN Serial Decoding - long time interval statistic

Post by homoly »

I would like to know if it is possible in Picoscope to get a long time interval statistic ( 1-2 hours ) from serial decoding ( in my case CAN bus ) - just to get the number of CRC check failed telegrams in Picoscope 6.

We have on customer site 2 systems with CAN communication where one is freezing randomly , other works fine.

At first step I would like to check and compare the two systems , how many failed telegrams are present in 1-2 hour interval in the two system bus ( without buffering the telegrams, just the number of failed messages on CRC check ).

Then in next step I would buffer the CRC check failed messages in 32 buffers and view the waveforms if there is an issue with timing or noise ( I have seen a statistic function in Picoscope 6, but it is related to parameters of one telegram, not the group of more messages measured in long time environment ).

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Re: CAN Serial Decoding - long time interval statistic

Post by bennog »

What is the bit-rate (baudrate) of the can bus ?

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