Measure of energy and power

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Measure of energy and power

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I have not written in the forum for years, so I take the opportunity to send a friendly greeting to everyone.
I have the need to measure the power and energy of some equipment powered by batteries, the issue is that I intend with my oscilloscope, a 5243, to measure the voltage and intensity of the power supply and to use a pair of mathematical channels to calculate the power and energy .
At the moment the intensity measurement is made by the voltage drop in the terminals of a 0.1 ohm resistor and the voltage is measured directly. Always with the common mass.
In a mathematical channel one is the calculation of the potency so I multiply the channel A x B without more
For the measurement of energy I am doing the integration of the power in time so they would be Wh, but I wanted to be able to make a measurement of the power between the cursors.
The question is: Does anyone know how to measure the energy between cursors?
Finally You can capture hours with the current software version

As always, thank you very much and a special greeting

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