Lost signal from TC-08

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Lost signal from TC-08

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I got a recurrent problem with lost signal from some TC-08 loggers during logging, there is 4 TC-08 in use and I have 2 USB-hub with extra power supply, 2 TC-08 connected to each HUB and 2pc 10m USB 2.0 extensions cables with amplifier, 1 connected to 1 HUB and to computer and 1 between HUB 2 and TC-8.
When I start measurement all signals work but after a while it lost connection to 1 or 2 TC-08 and so it continues after a while it stabilize and work fine but then it starts again, if I disconnect and connect USB cables in to computer it works again for a while.

Question has this something to do with.
1. The equipment are overnight in a cold environment (in a vehicle) and in the morning I should measure cold start interior temperatures (computer is not in the vehicle during night)
2. USB extensions 10m is it too long? Together with TC-08 cable
3. USB hubs (they don’t handle cold climate?)

How low ambient temperature can a TC-8 handle? When I start measure in the morning it is around -17 to -20

Have some one some ideas what can cause this.

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