can not read Photodiode Signal

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can not read Photodiode Signal

Post by subh »

I am using picoscope 5244A to read the photodiode signal which is about +100mV as read on "Tektronix scope". While run PicoScope 6.14.10 software, it showed barely 5mV of signal (attached). I could not understand the reason.

Thereafter, I tried labview program to read the signal. However, I can not run the labview example code "PicoScope5000aExampleRapidBlock" and "PicoScope5000aExampleRapidBlockBulk". It is giving me error "PICO_NO_SAMPLES_AVAILABLE". Can anyone kindly help to resolve this?

I have been able to run "PicoScope5000aExampleStreamingMSO" example code. However, its captured kind of a decay curve which is weird (attcahed)."PicoScope5000aExampleStreamingMSO" example code works fine if I use it to capture 4V of TTL signal but not for this 5mV of signal (100mV in Tektronix scope ).

Any kind of suggestion is appreciated.

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Re: can not read Photodiode Signal

Post by AndrewA »

Hi David,

The LabVIEW error "PICO_NO_SAMPLES_AVAILABLE" has now been fixed in these examples, this was related the function calls ps5000ChangePowerSource. You no longer need to set the power option button on the front panel. (You will need to download new copies of PicoScope5000a.llb, and from

For the measurement issue could you email your psdata file and setup description or a diagram to
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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