Measuring AC with 4444 and PicoLog 6

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Measuring AC with 4444 and PicoLog 6

Post by Kmw4Es »

I cannot measure AC V and I with model 4444 and PicoLog. The software doesn’t seem to see the probes. Picolog shows millivolts and milliamps, when the probes are connected to the mains feeding a 100 watt light bulb, and I should see about 120 VAC, 0.800 amps or so.

Before trying the measurement in PicoLog, I am able to verify the setup is working correctly with the Picoscope 6 software. I can measure both AC and DC V and I with the Picoscope 6 software, but only DC V and I with the PicoLog.

We tried running both as administrator or as a normal user, but did not observe any differences in operation.

I am using Picoscope 4444, with TA300 current probe and the 442 voltage probe. These items are of recent purchase. The 4444 is using the wall supply.
4444 driver ver
USB 3.0 - I am using the supplied 2 mtr length USB 3.0 cable directly into a rear port on the PC, and no change when using a different 2 mtr length cable.
Win 10 ver 1909, with the 2019-12 cumulative update, KB4530684.
ASUS x470 Pro and Ryzen 5 2600X.
PicoScope 6, ver, PicoLog 6, ver

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Re: Measuring AC with 4444 and PicoLog 6

Post by AndrewA »

Picolog 6 will detect the TA300 current probe and the 442 voltage probe, using the Picoscope 4444.
But Picolog 6 is only able to sample at maximum rate of 1ms (1kHz) per channel.
So this is not good enough to clearly see 50/60Hz waveforms, so you will need to PicoScope 6 software for these measurements.
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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