Picoscope 6 must run as administrator?

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Picoscope 6 must run as administrator?

Post by Kmw4Es »

Does the Picoscope 6 software require being run as administrator? This is a problem as I am not an administrator, only a user.

I am trying to use a 4444 differential scope with PicoScope 6 and PicoLog. For example, while running as a user, if I attempt to change a setting on the Picoscope 6, or select preferences, or almost anything else except for help, the Picoscope software freezes and I have to kill it with Task Manager.

OS is Win 10 Pro 64. USB 3.0, with supplied 2 meter cable, direct into rear of PC. 4444 is powered from wall supply.

The behavior does not happen with the PicoLog software, it acts the same whether run as administrator or user.

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Re: Picoscope 6 must run as administrator?

Post by AndrewA »


You should only need to be administrator to install Picoscope 6 software, not to run it.
Is this a company managed PC? This could be causing the issue.
Can you send us a trace file- See section - Locating the trace.xml file in-
Regards Andrew
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