picoscope 2205a trigger does now work well

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picoscope 2205a trigger does now work well

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I am using the signal generator which is Keysight 33500 and connected it with an amplifier. It could generate a DC voltage about 12 V. The I use the Picoscope 2205a channel A only to measure the DC voltage.
all the settings are like in figure 12607.PNG.
When I set the trigger voltage to 12607 mV with source channel A, I can get the data like figure 12607.PNGs.
But after I lowered the voltage into 12606 mv, the device did not get any data. The situation is like in figure
The problem was with the function I used in ready.PNG picture which the ps2000_ready function always returns 0.
I cannot figure out the problems now. Could anyone give me some advice? The drivers are not so easy to use
Driver URL: https://github.com/picotech/picosdk-ni-labview-examples/tree/master/ps2000/32-bit-examples
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Re: picoscope 2205a trigger does now work well

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Your front panel does not look like any of the current 2000 examples.
ps2000_ready function is returning zero it means the the scope has not finished collecting the data or has not triggered.
It may not be triggering at your set point of 12606mV due to the edge rate of the signal. I assume you calling the ps2000_set_trigger function?
You may need to increase the level of hysteresis. But to do this you need to the advance trigger functions, which do have examples for 2000 driver.
Could test the triggering in Picoscope 6 with the same signal? You may find the same issue, so try using the 'Advanced Edge' trigger and increase the default hysteresis from 1.5%.
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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