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PicoLog 6 New file

Post by nfisher »

HI, for the life of me I can't figure out how to stop a file (mistake in hardware conditions), and then restart a new file, with the same fixed duration.

ie: start capture, pause capture, move temperature probes to new location, then restart. Software tells me I cannot restart file that's of fixed length. But I see no place to start a new one. I could only delete previous data, then start a new capture, by setting up the parameters (sample rate, duration, and location of file). Why can't I just stop, and re-record as in previous versions?


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Re: PicoLog 6 New file

Post by AndrewA »

PicoLog 6 does not have a restart capture button/option, as you said you need to click on the 'trash' icon -> 'Delete Data' then click the 'Record' icon.
PicoLog 6 will start logging again with the same settings.

Note the newer features add in Release Notes - picolog-6.1.9 -
Fixed length capture modes added; circular buffer and stop after x time option.

You can download current version of PicoLog 6 from- PicoLog 6 stable
Regards Andrew
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