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New to Pico Tech & Linux

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Hello to everyone

I am a technician with presently working in a busy science department at a large high school in Scotland, UK. I work across all the sciences but tend to work most often with our Physics department maintaining instrumentation and building new apparatus.

Some years ago education budget cuts meant that we lost access to IT resources for students to use in class practical lessons so we had to stop all computer based data logging and data post-processing. Recently we were given a pile of scrapped laptops and I have spent many hours slowly putting together enough machines for a class set. Using old hardware has its quirks and limitations but the biggest challenge has been getting applications to work under a new Linux build. This has proved anything but straightforward as many of the software applications we require are Windows only. A particular issue has been getting the laptops to talk to external hardware.

I will keep my technical questions for another post and hope to hear from some of you in due course.

Cheers for now, Frazer

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