Audio preamp setup

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Audio preamp setup

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Hello All!

I just got my Picoscope 4262 Picoscope. I have a few questions on how to best setup for commissioning a CAPI VP28 preamp (API clone) I just built.

I need to setup the Pico 4262 signal generator to output: 1.228 VAC @ 400 Hz with the source impedance of 150 ohms. I do not know how set the output voltage to 1.288 VAC (defaults to whole numbers) and the source impedance to 150Z. How is this best done or a link to a reference guide page.

I will inject the signal into the preamp input and take VAC readings at various test points. If functioning OK, I will setup 2520 opamps for minimum voltage(s) with trim pot adjustments. No problem on that.

If need be I could use my old siemens Signal Generator as it allows different source Z and a variable out VAC.

Picoscope 4262

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Re: Audio preamp setup

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HI Billy,

For now I would suggest that you use Siemens Sig Gen, as the PicoScope 4262 is currently not able to set an output voltage level for its Sig Gen higher than 1V, and all Test and Measurement PicoScope Sig Gens have a fixed output impedance.


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