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Python PicoLog 1216 control

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I have a picolog 1216 I would like to write some python wrappers for. I have cloned the picolog python wrapper examples on github and followed the installation up until after finally successfully running > python install.

I assume there is support for the picolog 1216 as there is an example folder in the github python wrappers for pl1000 series. However when i try to run >python

I get the following error telling me it's not compatible.

My questions are:
1. Is the picolog1216 incompatible with python still? (if it is when will there be a release?)
2. If it is incompatible, does this stop me from writing my own python wrappers?

(using 64bit windows and ive already installed the picoSDK. )

Thanks for your time!
Highly appreciated.

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