Re-sizing screen on 1024x768

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Re-sizing screen on 1024x768

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Hi All

I have just now discovered PicoScope 6 for Linux and installed on:
Linux Mint 19.2
Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 and
also on an Acer Aspire with Mint 18.3 (Cinnamon)

I am an occasional user of my PicoScope 2000.
The screen can be Minimised or expanded to
full screen on my Acer (1366 x 768 screen), but can't be customised
by dragging the sides. (probably already posted here by someone else)

The screen on my Toughbook only has a Minimise and (X) close button.
So when PicoScope 6 is started the screen is bigger then my display.
It can't be customised either, by dragging the sides.
So the only way to use it, is by dragging it left when you need
to see what is on the right of the screen.

Not a complaint, just some feedback so that the Linux version can be improved.


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