ps2000Con unable to open device (Ubuntu 18.04)

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ps2000Con unable to open device (Ubuntu 18.04)

Post by nathanieltagg » Tue May 07, 2019 3:31 pm

There was an earlier post on this, but it doesn't seem relevant since the drivers seem quite new.

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.2 and a brand new PS2207B. I installed via apt. The /opt/picoscope/lib/ has a library version 2.0.0. The picoscope application seems to work fine, and shows me good traces. Running the usbtest script shows correct permissions: the device has group 'pico' and so does my account. I checked by hand and all appears well.

I've compiled the ps2000Con from a fresh checkout of the git repository (both compiled by hand and with the autogen script) and it compiles and runs ok, but...

Code: Select all

PicoScope 2000 Series (ps2000) Driver Example Program
Version 1.3

Opening the device...
Handler: 0
Unable to open device
Unit Not Opened
Cal Date         :
Because the 'ps2000_open_unit' call is in the library, I can't get any farther: there's no source code or exported debugging symbols.

I've tried repeatedly opening the picoscope app, closing it, and running the command line. All the picoscope trials work, all the command-line ones don't.

What do I try next? Is this release buggy on this operating system?

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Re: ps2000Con unable to open device (Ubuntu 18.04)

Post by Martyn » Wed May 08, 2019 5:28 am

For the 2207B you need to be using the ps2000a examples from our GitHub page the code you have is for the older 2000 series models.
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