No Trigger Holdoff - A note to management

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No Trigger Holdoff - A note to management

Post by iomos » Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:07 am

Lack of trigger hold-off is a well known issue to many frustrated PicoScope customers, like myself.

It has been politely requested countless times over many years.
PicoScope is THE ONLY oscilloscope lacking this feature. Even the cheapest Chinese alternatives on the market have it.

PicoTech management, this is EMBARRASSING.

Either advertise lack of this feature clearly, or GIVE THIS FEATURE MAXIMUM PRIORITY. The reasons are explained in other threads.

Bragging about deep memory and advanced trigger options is pointless, without trigger hold-off.

This feature is just a timer. A junior engineer would need a few minutes to code it, using a haldfull of bytes in software or minimal resources in an FPGA. There is NO EXCUSE to not have it.

Save yourself some time, sales and money, and consider showing some respect to your customers.

Do something about it. It is already late.

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