picoscope 6 hangs on persistence mode.

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picoscope 6 hangs on persistence mode.

Post by frits » Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:41 am

Hi all,

Recently I encountered a problem regarding the persistence mode on Ps 6.13.11.
It's only happening with my 3224, not with the 2000 series.
The 3224 works in normal scope mode without any issue but is persistence it locks up the program and I have to force quit Ps to regain control.

Previous versions of Ps 6 have the same problem.

Tried remedies,
-reinstalled Ps
-installed the 3224 from device manager.
-changed computer
-checked if it works on a 2000 series (it works without problems)

Is the 3224 outdated? or is something else going on?

Thank you!


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Re: picoscope 6 hangs on persistence mode.

Post by Martyn » Thu Dec 13, 2018 1:02 pm

After it has locked up, force close the application and then locate the trace.xml file as detailed in Section 3 of the Frequently Asked Questions Guide and send this to support@picotech.com
Technical Support Manager

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