Absolute trigger time

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Absolute trigger time

Post by JasonS »

I'm using a PicoScope 6000 device. In my application, I would like to know the "absolute time" a trigger event occurred. Fortunately, for my purposes, I don't need accuracy much better than about 100 ms. Even with this relatively lax requirement, I'm unsure how to proceed. I can use my program to get the wall clock time just before I initiate the acquisition with ps6000RunBlock. But how long is it from when the scope is armed to when the trigger event occurs? If I knew this, I would simply add it to the wall clock time and that would be good enough.

I considered using one of the GetTriggerTimeOffset family of functions, but this doesn't seem to really do what is needed. GetTriggerInfoBulk looks promising, but it is undocumented.

How can I solve this problem?

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Re: Absolute trigger time

Post by Martyn »

We have responded via your email ticket.
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