Faster PicoLog Sampling Rate

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Faster PicoLog Sampling Rate

Post by reine287232 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 2:59 am

I am currently using a 2205A Picoscope with PicoLog to sample data for a project. From what I can tell, PicoLog is only capable of sampling at 1 ms intervals. My ideal sampling rate would be 1-2 MS/s since my signal is coming in at 1 MHz, and I do not want to alias data. My scope specifications say that it can reach 200 MS/s; however, it is only sampling at 1 KS/s. I have tried to change the PicoLog settings to streaming mode to improve the process to no avail.
Am I limited by the capabilities of the 2205A scope?
Is there a way to speed up PicoLog?
Am I missing some very obvious fix?
Should I write a custom program in C++, etc. to bypass PicoLog?
I am very new to using Pico products so forgive me if this is just a silly question.

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Re: Faster PicoLog Sampling Rate

Post by NeilH » Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:41 am


If you're wanting to sample at high rates then using the PicoScope 6 software would probably be more suitable as this functions as something similar to a traditional front end. The PicoLog software is designed for long term logging of data so it has limits on the sample rate to allow this without creating a file or files that are so large that they are unusable.

What application are you using the 2205A on? With this kind of information I can help you pick the appropriate software or advise if you need to create a custom program to achieve your goal.
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